Picnics, Hikings, and Other Outdoor Stuff

So how does one enjoy the great outdoors? By spending time with your friends and family, of course!

Whether its hunting, fishing, camping, spelunking, sailing a canoe in the river, or just having a simple hiking trip along an unknown dirt path in your grandfather’s old cabin is already an experience! I pretty much did all of that back when I was younger; now that I’m a little bit older (and wiser, I hope!), I tend to be more comfortable as an armchair traveler.

However, I’ll be blogging about my past, present and future outdoor trips here. This section will be talking about the many trips I did, as well as opinion posts on some outdoor stuff, such as picnic table suggestions, nature park suggestions, and other outdoors stuff. If you’d like to get updated from time to time, please feel free to bookmark this blog!